4 Simple Food Smart Steps

4 Simple Food Smart Steps

With all the talk that circulates the industry, I can totally understand why most people get confused, and start thinking this whole nutrition ‘malarkey’ is complicated. What it really boils down to is making the right choices. By just making the right choices you can prevent dangerous levels of fat entering your body which can lead to things such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and type-2 diabetes.

Today I want to give you 4 quick steps that you can implement right now (I like things I can do right NOW – If you hadn’t guessed from my previous posts!)

So without anymore waffling, here are your four steps.

  1. 1.       Try aim for at least 5 fruit and Veg a day

I try to aim for about 8-10 a day – but you have to start somewhere. Eating a variety of different fruits and veg is really important for our health as it helps protect us from some cancers and heart disease.

I eat my fruit with Greek yoghurt in the morning, and then continuously eat fruit throughout the day as snack.

  1. 2.       Sugar Reduction

The thing with something like sugar is if you decide to wake up one day and not have sugar you’ll probably rebound so hard you’ll end up consuming more sugar than you originally did before.

But what I will say is sugar causes weight and it’s also one of the bigger players when it comes to aging. Sugar ages the body at an enormous rate, so cutting down bit by bit is the best route to go.

Remember sugar (good and bad) presents itself in many foods – so adding even more sugar to your diet isn’t really a good idea.

If you have 2 sugars in your tea – why not have 1?

….and then down to none.

  1. 3.       Watch the salt

Again, salt is similar to sugar within the fact you’ll find it many foods already before you’ve even added it yourself.

A great way reduce the amount of salt your eating is too make the foods yourself.

  1. 4.       Cut Back Fat

Now many people believe that in order to lose weight and burn fat they should stop eating fat altogether.

Firstly please note that we need fat in our diet. We need it to survive so do NOT get rid of fat altogether.

Again label reading is the key to this one. It’s the amount of saturated and trans fats you need to be watching.

Most food labels (certainly here in the UK) now have a coloured scheme to show how high the ingredients are. I think yellow means low and red means high with orange in the ‘middle’

I will say when I look on the back of food packets these days; it’s a real attention grabber – whether it works on getting people more health conscious I don’t know, I haven’t got the stats.

You’re not going to improve your diet over night, but you can start by making small changes. Reducing salt, reducing sugar, reduce the bad fats in your diet are all steps to you becoming healthier.

Like I mentioned previously, the great thing about the steps above, is you can implement them in your next meal.

Try making a conscious decision to follow the four steps, and before you know it, you’ll be doing it without thinking.

Take Care – Keep Focused and eat more fruit and veg!


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