3 Reasons Why People Don’t Use Health Clubs

….and How You Can Be One of These People To. Learn How To Burn Fat Easily At Home

There are a lot of people out there that are unhappy with the way they look. Burning the extra fat is too tough especially with the way bad food is advertised all over the place. You realize this and yet you also find out how busy your life has become. Going to the gym? Travel time and membership fees are a pain in the pocket.

Why not do it at home? Make your own little fitness hub. There are lots of perks to having your own little fat-burner room! It’s not hard to make your own. You just need to invest a little bit of money and your fat will burn from the exercises you can do in the comfort of your home!

3 Reasons why people don’t use health clubs

You might think going to some health club is the key to burning the extra fat but it’s not. Most people who go there don’t even get the gains they pay the health club for and simply end up coughing up money and making the owner rich. You might not believe me yet so here are 3 very good reasons why people avoid going to health clubs at all.

  • Machines that make it all too easy

A lot of people use machines when they go to the gym. Machine training has benefits but it does not teach the body how to work on its own and this is its most fatal flaw. People who rely too much on machines end up having a big ego and a clouded definition of what real strength is. The smith machine is a perfect example. The smith machine lets you perform heavy squats with minimal effort. While this sounds very pleasing to beginners and people who really can’t afford to sweat too much, this will only make you think you’re strong. Real squats require real strength and you can’t expect that from something that makes it easy for you while you work out.

  • Too many distractions

Music choice and the occasional loud mouths often make it hard for the serious trainer to focus on his own workout routine. Not everyone can work-out to Rihanna’s ‘Under My Um-ber-ella-ella…..ella’ – I myself much rather the music in this video J  Often times we just want to work-out in peace, without music, without someone grunting or checking us out, and without having to feel guilty about using the squat rack for too long.

  • It’s just too expensive

The objective of joining a health club is to get your body as fit as possible. The thing is, it takes time and time means money for these health club owners. They know the ones who mean business will need their services from months to years and this means an indefinite amount of income. You, as a customer, would end up paying too much for services or equipment you don’t need. These days gym prices seem to be soaring way above what they offer. The old ‘providing value’ to your customers seems to have been forgotten amongst the financial gains most big box ‘health clubs’ have acquired – that brings me onto my next point

  • ‘Equipment Not Working’ – ‘DO NOT USE!’ – ‘Out Of Use Until Further Notice’

Don’t you just hate those notes plastered all over the gym? In-fact back when I was 17/18, I worked for one of the biggest health club brands in the country. Often I would have people complaining about equipment not working. The biggest gripe for members was when the swimming pool was out of action – and for a health that stood out for its access to swimming in the local area, this wasn’t acceptable.



5 Examples of home workout equipment

Having your own little gym is one of the best things in the world. It’s always going to be there, and it’s always open for you. Making your own home gym isn’t hard. It requires a bit of cash but this investment will surely go a long way. Just remember that you’re investing in your health and that this is for your benefit.

  • The Bench

Purchase a good adjustable bench which will be all you’ll need for all sorts of bench exercises. This actually replaces the flat bench, the decline bench, and the incline bench. You get to buy all three for the price of one.

  • Dumbbells

A set of dumbbells can go a long way. Dumbbells are very versatile and can be incorporated in common bodyweight exercises such as squats or thrusters. Buy a pair of light and medium weight dumbbells. Don’t go too heavy to early especially if you’re beginner.

  • Barbell

The barbell has been known as the most prevalent and important tool in gaining size and strength. Don’t go for the cheap stuff; invest in a high quality barbell set.

  • Power rack

This is the most expensive of the possible equipment you might want to purchase. This is an essential tool for barbell users. This lets you perform squats safely without spotters. Most are built with pull-up amenities.

  • Kettlebells

If everything above is a bit too expensive, you can always try kettlebells. Kettlebells are probably the most versatile tool for fitness. You can use one as practice but more advanced exercises require the use of a pair. These offer explosive strength development due to the off-center of the weight compared to dumbbells and barbells. If you know how to use a pair of kettlebells then you might as well have your own mini gym!

Bodyweight Exercises

Of course you don’t need equipment to burn fat – you could have an entire fat burning workout build on bodyweight exercise alone – just like Craig does in Home Workout Revolution.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of bodyweight exercises you can do at home – as long as you have a little floor space to exercise you should be all good to go.


Going to your local health club is not the only thing you can do to be fit and strong. Designing your home gym must be your overall priority in your road to fitness. The perks of having your own little gym will beat any benefits you might have at health clubs. Not only do you have control of your time but you also end up saving money in the long run. A home gym is not necessarily expensive. You can even use your own bodyweight for starters. All you need to remember is to have the determination to push beyond your limits and your extra fat will be the fuel for this long trip ahead.


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