22 Quick Get-In-Shape Tips

My Healthy Shopping ListSo in the last post I explained how stress and weight gain are linked, and how we can’t completely eliminate stress out of our daily lives. I also gave five ways to reduce stress in your life.

Today I want to give you some tips that you can implement right now!

People often ask me at family outings and yearly ‘get-togethers’ ‘Chris, what can I do to lose weight and get rid of this fat?’ (At that point their normally grabbing their stomach or the arm, or some other part of their body!) and my answer is always the same.

Change your mindset, eat properly and exercise regularly.

It really is that simply. Normally the conversation ends there, but then there are a few who do carry it on, and want to know more – and that’s when I get into listing things off. In fact my girlfriends Mum and Step-Dad having been asking me recently.

Now I could sit there and write them out a workout plan – but normally, it’s neither the time nor place to pulling pieces of paper out of my back-pocket!


I could give them some quick and easy to implement tips. So without going on anymore, here are your 21 Quick Get in Shape Tips;

1.Plan meals night before

It’s all about planning. Those who plan will get better and quicker results than those who don’t. Plan what you’re going to have for breakfast. Plan you’re lunch, plan you’re dinner – just plan, plan, plan, plan, plan, plan!

2. Consume fiber in the morning

Okay, so you don’t HAVE to do this. But I highly recommend you do. Eating fiber will make us feel fuller for longer. So as you’re leaving for work after breakfast why not take a piece of fruit of with you?

3. Check your portions

There’s no point in eating healthy if you’re still consuming more calories than your burning!

4. Make sure there is a fruit bowl availableHaving a Fruit Bowl at Hand To Eat Healthy

Always snacking on things you shouldn’t? Well why not try and introduce a fruit bowl. You’ll be more inclined to reach for the apple in the bowl than the chocolate in the cupboard.

5. Aim for at least 10 portions of fruit a day

Here in England we are advised to eat at least 5 pieces of fruit a day. Personally I think we should be aiming for about 10 – at least.

6. Clean to the beat

Do you always seem to be doing the cleaning? Well, next time you’re cleaning why not put on some upbeat music and starting cleaning in time to the music! You’ll be surprised at the kind of sweat you’ll work up.

7. Do the gardening

Not everyone has a garden, but if you do, go and cut and lawn or spend an hour taking the dead flowers and weeds out.

8. Park your car further away

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time sitting down at work, then next time you go into, or come home from work, park your car further away – and walk that little further.

9. Exercise regularly

We should be aiming for at least (depending on intensity) 20 minutes of activity a day. Bodyweight workouts are not only free but they can be done almost anywhere. Try some of these bodyweight workouts here.

Sugar not only cause weight gain but it also causes the skin to age faster!

10. Cut out sugar

Almost everything we see stocked on supermarket shelves has sugar in them these days. On top of that, you might have sugar in you’re tea and on your breakfast. That equates to A LOT of sugar. So try cutting sugar out all together.

11. Make a list before shopping

This kind of goes back to what I said at the start – PLAN! If you go shopping with a list, stick to that list and that list only. If you haven’t got a list you will be more inclined to buy things that you know you really shouldn’t.

12. Avoid corn syrup

High –fructose corn syrup is a relatively new sweetener, and our bodies have not evolved enough to deal with it. It has been linked obesity and high triglyceride levels – a risk factor for heart disease.

13. Be Wise!

Always read the labels and packaging of foods. It may be ‘low in fat’ but it might be stupidly high in sugar.

14. Cook from scratch

Major brands will hide ingredients, and try to market the food as ‘healthy’. It’s happened on many occasions. So why not cook from scratch? At least then you’ll know exactly what you’re eating.

15. Eat more lean protein

As well as eating more fiber, you should be eating more protein. Good quality lean protein will have you feeling fuller for longer.

16. Reduce Stress

We went through this one last week. Stress can not only halt your weight loss efforts, but can also cause you to gain weight.

17. Be more disciplined

Sometimes you just have to say ‘NO!’ Once you’ve said it once, and followed through with what you’re saying – it gets easier.

18. Cut back on the alcohol

Drinking excess amounts of alcohol will halt your weight loss efforts. So if you do drink, then be sensible and drink lots of water as well.

19. Eliminate fast food

In a day and age where people are so busy, fast food seems to be the easy option. It may be easy and quick, but think of what that food is doing to you’re body. Here’s a post I wrote a while back.

20. Set a timer

If your work involves you sitting down for long periods of time, then set a timer to go off every half hour and get up and move!

21. Plan!

And finally….PLAN! Planning is the first step in starting to get in shape. Here’s a little quote I’m going to leave you with for today –

Failing to plan….is planning to fail.

22. Cycle Your Carbs

I don’t mean put them on two wheels and cycle into the sunset. Cycling your carbs is a great technique for being able to eat carbs and still burn fat. More on that here!

PS – Remember if you want to burn fat and lose weight, you must combine these steps with a healthy balanced diet and exercise. 😉

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  • Chi Chi

    Reply Reply February 5, 2013

    Great post Chris….I like the ‘cleaning to the beat’ You defiantly can work up a huge sweat from that….talking from experience! lol

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