Your Eating More Trans Fat Than You Think

Another week going strong here in London! The summer programme has finally finished, with all the kids going away with a massive smile on their faces last Friday. That makes me happy 😀 It was a MASSIVE success, reaching record numbers on the project.  I truly believe that in order to keep our children healthy…

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Positive Habits Change

Make Positive Changes to These Habits & Watch Yourself GROW

Good Habits are as Addictive as Bad Habits, But Much More Rewarding.   Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day Replacing old habits that you know aren’t doing your life any favors, really needs to be approached in the same way as changing your nutritional intake from a bad diet to a more positive one.  …

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Fat Loss Warm Up Structure

How to Stop YEARS of DOOM with This 10 Minute ‘Trick’

I say ‘trick’ very very lightly. You see, you should be doing this on every single workout. And I don’t mean swapping cardio for metabolic resistance training. Or alternating free weights with barbells. In fact it’s much simpler than that. It should be routine. But it’s not. Far too many people miss out this essential…

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Get Motivated. Stay Motivated: 4 FLC Motivational Articles

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Without any motivation we’re going to find it pretty hard to get out of bed, let alone lose weight. I’ve said it many times here on FLC, everything you ever do, whether that be creating a new…

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