20 Minute (Hardcore) Gym-Free Workout‏

A lot of people these days are really busy, whether it’s because of the kids, work or other commitments, and it can be quite hard to find time to exercise. It is recommended that everyone should do 20-30 minutes of exercise a day.

That’s why I have given you this quick 20 minute workout that does not involve going to the gym. It does however require set of 2.5kg dumbbells, but you can pick these up for a very cheap price on Amazon these days. If you don’t have dumbbells, then anything that weighs roughly 2 – 2.5 kg will do. (Two bags of sugar).

Firstly I’m going to explain the three exercises you’ll be doing, then I’ll tell you how we’re going to implement these exercises into our workout.

Exercise 1: Boxers punch into a dumbbell squat.

1. Using your dumbbells (2.5kg) perform 30 punches (alternating left and right)

2. Now let the dumbbells hang down by your side while you perform 15 squats.

Progression for the future:

Hold dumbbells out in front of you while you perform your squats

Exercise 2: Press-up and Prone Row

1. Place both dumbbells on the floor and grip them while you perform your press ups.

2. Take 2 seconds to complete the downward phase and on the upward phase take 1 second.

3. Every press-up you complete, on the ‘up’ position perform a prone row. To do this, raise your right elbow (still holding the dumbbell) until the dumbbell has reached your armpit, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then perform another press-up and do the same, but this time with the left dumbbell. Do 15 of these.

Progression for the future:

Try a 30 second press-up, 15 seconds down and 15 seconds up. If that’s too hard, start with 5 up and 5 down, before long you’ll be doing a 60 second press-up!

Exercise 3: Jump Squat with Bicep Curl

1. Get yourself into a position where your feet are slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

2. With the dumbbells hanging down by your side, slightly bend your knees, and explode up through your feet.

Bicep Curl

3. After every jump, without moving your upper arm, bring the right dumbbell towards your shoulder. The upward phase will be done in 1 second, the downward phase in 2 seconds, then do the same with your left dumbbell.

Progression for the future:

Try and add in a shoulder press as well.

Now you’ve got the exercises, this is how you will perform your 20 minute workout:

Using all 3 exercises back to back perform them for 3 minutes – then rest 2 minutes – easily said…not so much the same when it comes to doing it!

You will have actually only done a 12 minute workout, but those rest periods are vital for success.

There you have it, a quick, easy, simple 20 minute workout. This workout is great for burning calories and increasing stamina. You can also build lean muscle using heavier weights.

With the simple workout above you can go on to create many other workouts of your own! That’s right, you’ll start to create your very own exercise routine!

Until next time,

Take Care & Keep Focused,

– Chris

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