10 of The Most Commonly Believed Myths In Fitness

I was reading through a few health and fitness articles the other day and I was surprised at the amount of FLUFF people recommend.

What really gets to me is it’s these people who recommend stupid advice, exercise techniques or down right dangerous workout programs that give all of us fitness coaches / personal trainers etc. a bad name.

So what I’ve decided to do today is to tell you about 10 of the most commonly believed myths within the health and fitness industry….
Companies are flooding the market with DVD’s, gadgets of all kinds, and diet pills, all vying for attention.  The industry markets everything it can so that we will buy it and buy into it.  Here are some real truths about exercise;

No Pain, No Gain  When you work out, pain is not what you are looking for.  What you really need is just a satisfying feeling of light burning and muscle soreness due to pushing yourself beyond your limits.  If you don’t push yourself hard, you won’t make any progress.

The Lactic Acid Myth  Delayed on-set muscle soreness is not caused by lactic acid building up in your muscles because the acid is not in your system for the day or two that it takes DOMS to present itself.  It is really caused by small tears in muscle fibers, which is how you build muscle.  A little soreness is a good thing.

It’s Not Worth it if I Don’t Exercise Regularly  Getting into shape doesn’t require a trip to the gym for hours a day.  To reduce the time of a workout, just make it harder.  You will get a similar workout in less time.  The best workout is always what works best for you and something that you will look forward to.

You Need a Sports Drink When You Exercise  If you are planning a high intensity workout for longer than an hour, sports drinks can help replenish your fluids.  Sports drinks have calories, so if you are out to lose weight, they can be getting in the way.  Walking, biking, or other low intensity workouts do not require that you drink a sports drink.

Stretching Before Exercise Prevents Injury  Studies show that stretching before exercise will not prevent you from getting injured.  Warming up before exercising will, however.  Be sure that you know the difference.

Working Out Builds Muscle and Doesn’t Help Lose Weight  When people diet, they are losing fat and muscle.  When you work out, you burn calories and build muscle mass.  Muscle actually helps you to lose weight and it continually needs to be “fed”, so it consumes what you eat faster and for a longer time.  Your body will send less to fat stores.

Exercise Will Help Lose Weight Fast  Simple exercise is not a real calorie burner.  Taking a stroll around the neighborhood is good for you, but doesn’t actually burn that many more calories than playing cards with friends.  The real benefit of exercise is building the intensity of workouts over time and any muscle that is created.

You Need Supplements To Build Muscle  If you really want to build muscles the size of a body builder, you might need some protein shakes, but most people do not need the extra protein.  Eating a well-balanced diet which includes protein is plenty for most people.

If You Don’t Start Young You Get Hurt  Studies have shown that older people who start working out after they’re older are likely to live longer.  It is especially helpful to joint pain.  You just have to find the right workout for your abilities.

Gym vs. Home  One isn’t really better than the other.  If your preference is to go to the gym and you are more likely to workout there, then go.  But, if you workout better at home, then there is no reason not to.

It’s good to know the truth, especially when it comes to getting in shape.  You don’t want to be doing the wrong thing when you could be making progress!

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